ゲストハウス 結&禮





"Yui" and "Rei" are guest-houses located about 10 minutes on foot from Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine.

"Yui" has 3 private rooms, each of which is independent, so you can relax. The living room, kitchen, toilet, and bathroom are shared, and a large TV is installed in the living room. Please enjoy interacting with each other.

"Rei" has a style of renting a building so that families and groups can relax without hesitation. There are toys for small children, and you can enjoy BBQ in the garden.

Both are relatively new homes, so they are very clean and comfortable. All rooms have air-conditioner and have a parking lot. Of course you can use Wi-fi. The bus stop in front of the World Heritage Center is also nearby, making it an ideal base for your Kumano trip. Please use our guesthouses according to your travel plans, such as family or group trips, Kumano Kodo walking, and so on.


〈結〉101 和室


"Yui" - room 101:
It is a Japanese-style room with 6 tatami mats, and you sleep on a futon instead of a bed. It is a very relaxing space with a slight scent of "Igusa".


〈結〉201 大鳥居が見える部屋


"Yui" - room 201:
It is a Western-style room with 6 tatami mats. You can enjoy the view of Otorii from the window, and there is also an open balcony. Up to 2 people can sleep in a tatami bed.

〈結〉202 洋室


"Yui" - room 202:
It is a Western-style room with 8 tatami mats. With an open balcony, it is a very relaxing space. It has 2 single beds and can sleep up to 3 people.



There are 2 Japanese-style rooms with 6 tatami mats. There are toys for children to enjoy, so you can enjoy playing in the garden, enjoying BBQ, and enjoying your private time. We can accommodate up to 6 people, including families and groups, so please relax.


free wi-fi

free parking

free drinks





washing machine

kitchen tools


rice cooker

IH heater

microwave oven

electronic kettle


< 結 Yui >
1 person 5,000yen/room
2 persons 9,600 yen/room
3 persons 13,500 yen/room

< 禮 Rei >
1 person 10,000 yen/house
2 persons 12,000 yen/house
3 persons 15,000 yen/house
4 persons 20,000 yen/house
5 persons 23,000 yen/house

※すべて税込み料金です。 All prices include tax.
※上記以上の人数でご利用の場合、ご相談ください。 If you are using more than the above number, please contact us.


Go To トラベルもご利用できますが、直接のご予約ですと割引が適用されません。お手数ではありますが、Go To トラベルご利用の方は、熊野トラベル経由でご予約いただけますよう、お願いいたします(ただし、熊野トラベルでのご予約は、受付が10日前までとなりますので、お早めにご予約ください)★





ご予約TEL: 090-2598-1284 峯園(みねぞの)


I am SHONAGO, the owner of the guest-houses "Yui" & "Rei".

It is run by three young immigrants.

Please come and get rid of your daily fatigue.

You can also make a reservation by phone.

TEL: 090-2598-1284 Reservation: Minezono

I look forward to having a wonderful meeting!

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